Diamond rings

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Vintage diamond rings

Buying a vintage diamond ring is quite a special happening. Maybe you are buying the ring as a permanent memory to a particular moment. Or for a particular person. Anyhow, you are in search for an extraordinary jewel. One that is unique, and fits different occasions.  

Diamond's iconic status
Diamond might be the most iconic stone of earth. We notice her in many famous movies, around the fingers of celebrities, and in art. Diamond has become iconic it itself. We have to meet the first person in the world, who does not like the brilliant cut of this precious stone. 

Raw diamond, brilliant cut
A raw diamond does not have the shape as most of us know it.
The professional process of cutting is what makes the diamond. 'A girl's best friend' is born in nature, but made by humans. Moreover, not all diamonds end up in jewellery. Only about 20 percent of the obtained material is "beautiful enough" to work with. That makes this gemstone extra rare, but also for ever and sustainable. That is why antique or vintage is an even better choice for diamond. Like that we appreciate the existence of the diamond. 

Memoire, friendship or engagementring
If you are looking for an engagement ring, you might choose for brilliant cut diamond. A memoire ring may be very unique. A diamond friendship ring makes a wonderful present. In our webshop we offer a wide scale of different diamond rings. Different in their cut, carat and color. Every ring is unique. Therefore, whichever you'll choose, it is special for you only. 

Shop your diamond ring online
An antique ring with little gemstones is made to impress. Combine with a lovely silk blouse for an elegant look. Or choose white gold with diamonds. Did you find a special diamond ring and would you like to have it? Don't wait too long to place your order then. We only have one item of each and every ring. If you order before 17:00 on workdays, you package will be delivered the next day.