Silver pendants

One might notice a lot of silver in our antique pendants. Featured with diamond and decorated with pearls, they become real pieces of art in miniature sizes. Each and every one of them deserves full attention.

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Silver is smart 

Just like a golden necklace goes well with a golden pendant, silver necklaces fit perfectly with a silver pendant. Over here, you'll find the loveliest silver pendants for women. Silver is perfect to spice up your smart casual look, or give some flair to your little black dress. With an elegant pendant, you can make your outfit a little bit more "you".  

Diamond and silver get along great
Are you choosing solid silver, or would you choose a subtle gemstone? Diamond goes along greatly with silver. Simple and very elegant. If you prefer color, you might automatically choose a color that looks good on you. What colors look good on me? Is a question we hear a lot regarding appearances. But in the case of gemstones, you might notice that the stone which got your attention is also the stone that looks great on your skin and with your eye color! So feel free to trust your own eyes.

Order your silver pendant online
In our webshop you can shop online, safe and fast. Would you like to surprise someone with an original gift? Let us know and we arrange a nice packing. Plus, shipment is free. Do you have special request or particular wishes? Don't hesitate to contact us either. Place your order on workdays before 5 p.m., and you'll receive your package the next day.