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Antique brooches in gold, silver and diamond

Over here, you will find our curated collection of the most precious antique brooches. A vintage brooch is usually worn on a collar of a blazer or jacker, or attached to a beautiful scarf. This way you can add a lovely retro or chic touch to your look, quite simply! Brooches are particular pieces or jewellery, for sophisticated people full of character.  

The showpiece of your personal collection
Within our collection you'll mostly find golden brooches, antique diamond and silver brooches and vintage brooches with cameo. These arty designs truly make the showpiece of your personal collection. In fact, cameos should not be missing in the collection of any vintage jewellery lover. On a brooch, the cameo might come into its own most well. 

Romanesque decorative pin
The word 'brooch' stems from the french wordt 'broche', which translates to decorative pin. This was already a popular piece of jewellery under the old Greeks and Romans - better known as fibula. It actually was highly functional as well, serving as the earliest button to pin their white togas and tunics together. In addition, it showed off status and fortune. The wealthier one was, the more beautifully decorated his or her brooch was. Then too, the brooch had a strong reputation as heirloom. Nowadays brooches are on the rise again. The difference with ancient times is that brooches are now almost exclusively worn by females. A male equivalent might be the tie-pin, which also is a lovely piece of jewellery that just serves as decoration - without practical function. 

And have you ever thought of a vintage brooch as a present for that special friend, your mom, or just for yourself? Contact us is you'd like us to make your package a present. We will wrap it nicely, and add a personal message from you as you wish.  

Buy your diamond brooches online
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