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A very special vintage love 

Are you looking for something that is not like any other piece of jewelry? Then choose for an antique brooch or retro ornamental lock for example. With items like these you make an impression for sure. An antique brooch is indicative of style and stature. Moreover, it makes an extraordinary present, for yourself or your loved ones. With vintage jewelry, you show appreciation and a tangible memory forever. 

From golden brooches to silver necklaces
The world of vintage jewelry is endless. Thanks to the fact that they always have a stylish, classic appearance. But at the same time every piece is a unique creation. Take the camee for example, a pendant or ring made out of natural shell material. Camees are always handcrafted, its like sculpting actually. Not one is exactly the same as another. The same goes on for all other vintage jewellery items. All made out of love and passion for the craft.  

Special pieces of jewelry, just order online
Did you find something special? Don't wait too long to order. All of our items are one of a kind, literally. There's only one of each! Placing your order on workdays before 5 pm, means receiving the next day. Also, delivery is free! Contact us if you like to make a present of one of our items.