Golden chains

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Extraordinary gold chain necklaces 


Gold is widely known as the most valuable natural material on earth. No wonder such vintage golden chains are loved and popular all over the world. The natural glow, but also the rarity of it is what makes gold a much appreciated precious metal for jewellery. And did you know gold exist in different shades? We speak of yellow- or rose gold for necklaces, earrings and bracelets. And there's also whitegold, which actually most resembles a very chic silver. 

Naturally, gold is often combined with precious stones as well. It goes hand in hand with vibrant emerald and dark sapphire, optionally enriched with diamond. Now, diamond golden chains are obviously the diva's of jewellery, but do consider coral of red garnet necklaces for a change. Every bit as chic, and full of character. Garnet necklaces are much-loved among our team of Vintage Jewellery. these chains are often (nearly) antique, and therefore incredibly sophisticated. One of the well known garnet types, the Mozambique garnet, has an intens brownish red color which pairs wonderfully with gold. The perfect blend of elegance and originality!

Golden chains for women and men
Not only do we have many different styles of gold necklaces for women; our collection of golden chains for men is growing fast, too. Gold chains for men are usually relatively subtle and simple. A coarse link, or a delicate 18 carat necklace adorns many trendy males' necklines. Fancy something a little more outspoken? Go for a falcon eye chain - striking in simplicity and perfected to the last detail. 

Stylish and sophisticated
Necklaces are versatile pieces of jewellery, essential for every fashionable woman - and man. A subtle gold necklace works everyday, for a stylish and sophisticated look. Add gemstones like ruby, opal, sapphire or diamond for more character or a special occasion. Our antique and vintage golden chains are curated and restored by our team of experts. Choose a gold chain necklace with or without pendant, for yourself, or as a present for a loved one. 

Order your golden chains online
Have you found a special golden necklace and would you like to have it? Keep in mind that we only have one item of each. That makes them so special but also rare. Payment is possible via Klarna, MasterCard, iDeal or PayPal. View all payment options here.