Atelier collection

At vintage jewelry we are inspired by strong women, interesting figures, and colorful characters. This is reflected in the Vintage Jewelery Atelier collection. Choose your favorite color, the color that suits you. That way it matches

Welcome to our newest addition: Vintage Jewelery Atelier. Here you will find a number of stunners of designs, originated from you. We got often the question whether we also make jewelry ourselves, in addition to the original vintage collection.
Together with our goldsmiths Mirjam and Wim, we started working on this idea. On base of your favorite vintage rings we designed a number of iconic, colorful models. We then make those rings from recycled gold! Choose your favorite gemstone, and shine like never before .

Sustainable and personal

All rings of the Vintage Jewelery Atelier collection are made to order. Each ring is cast, polished and finished by hand. The gem is only set after you order. As a result, a longer delivery time of a maximum of four weeks applies. Furthermore, we only use recycled gold. Due to our unique position as gold buyer and supplier, we know for sure that all the gold we use is actually recycled – and therefore sustainable. In this way we not only create a beautiful ring, but we keep the entire process circular. Beautiful and pure. In addition, you personalize the ring by choosing the gemstone yourself. You choose something that really appeals to you, that makes the ring timeless! It will last you a lifetime.