Engagement rings

A vintage engagement ring is rich in history and is therefore extra special. Because it contains the love of two people or perhaps generations of loving couples. This makes the proposal really special. The vintage engagement ring has been lovingly made, worn and cherished. And is now ready for a new adventure. We only have one copy of each vintage engagement ring, each one unique.


Vintagesieraden.nl has a huge selection of interesting and unique vintage engagement rings. If you are looking for something special, something that stands out among the crowd, then an antique engagement ring is exactly what you are looking for. We have options in different metals and colors of gold, but also diamonds, gems and more.


An antique wedding ring is something that you can appreciate and have a great relationship with. Not only is it yours, but you can one day pass it on to a child or another loved one to use as their own engagement ring, and the ring will become more and more meaningful over time. We have ensured that our vintage wedding rings are only of the highest quality, so you can be confident that you are making a decent purchase.


With us, vintage engagement rings are our passion. There is nothing like finding a unique antique engagement ring in our modern world! Our mission is to help you find the perfect vintage ring that you will love for the rest of your life. Every engagement in our collection is antique or vintage unless indicated as part of one of our vintage-inspired collections. Each of the authentic, vintage classic engagement rings in our collection is completely unique and distinctive!


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Have you found a special vintage engagement ring and would you like to have it? Do not wait too long to order! We only have a few copies of all our engagement rings, and that certainly applies to the vintage engagement rings. You can pay in arrears, with your MasterCard, through banking or PayPal. View all payment options .