Memoire rings

The type of ring, memoire, is a special ring. A memoire ring consists of all stones placed next to each other in the same setting. Moreover, the placed stones are the same size. The stones are set with legs or a rail setting. A ring that is full from the beginning to the end is called a full memoire ring.


They have no beginning and no end - memoire rings are a symbol of eternity and infinite love. As the name implies, every diamond stands for a beautiful memory. The engagement and marriage, your own home, the birth of a child or a leap in your career - the common happiness can be crowned with a diamond and immortalized in the memoire ring.


There are several possible variants that relate to the stone setting: if this is limited to the upper part of the ring, you can have diamonds added later. All those beautiful moments can lead to a complete diamond wreath in your memoire ring. Of course, the ring sheen can also be fitted with a full wreath. Memoire rings in this variant are often used as a wedding ring.


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The memoire ring is also very nice to wear next to a wedding ring because, just like a wedding ring, it is very flat and therefore fits seamlessly with your wedding ring. All types of rings from have an excellent quality. Moreover, they are very affordable. Do you have more questions about type rings?


With a memoire ring you can record your special moments. Memoire rings - also called eternity rings or aliance rings - are seen as particularly emotional souvenir jewelery and count as a sign of your appreciation for the shared time with your dearest - also as an engagement or wedding ring it is ideal.


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