The great thing about a grenade is that in most cases it is one of the most affordable gems. Of the grenade are many red versions that are extremely beneficial. The other colors are less common, but are in most cases also better priced per carat than most gems.

There is a wide range of colors next to the famous red garnet. Garnet is available in the colors green, yellow, pink, orange, purple and white. In addition, there are a number that change color.

Garnet is actually a group of minerals. In the group there are different types of grenades that are different by the chemical elements in the stone. Yet they all have the same shape. This group can be divided into 2 separate groups: the pyral pond group and the ugrandite group.


Pyralspite group



Pyroop has been around for centuries and is one of the most common grenades. It is deep red to almost black and can sometimes be pink-red. The name comes from the word Pyropos, which is Greek for firey because of its red color. Pyroop has had several names in the past, including Bohemian garnet, California ruby ​​and the like. The mineral is found in Zöblitz, Germany and also in Brazil and southern Spain.


The mineral is normally red or reddish-brown. When one speaks of a grenade, it is often about almandien. Almandien is named after the place where it was first found, Alabanda in Asia Minor.


Spessartite is available in the colors red, orange-red, red-brown, yellow-brown and brown. The mineral has a glass shine with a white stripe color. The name comes from the German Spessart Mountains where it comes from. In addition, spessartite can be found in Baltistan, Pakistan.


Ugrandiet group



Uvarovite is available in the color green. It is named after the minerals collector and Russian count SS Uvarov.


Andradite can be yellow, orange, green, brown, gray, black and rarely colorless. The mineral is named after JB de Andrada e Silva, the Brazilian mineralogist. They originate from the Magnet Cove in Arizona, United States.


The mineral may be colorless, white, brown, pink, green, yellow, orange and orange-red in color. It was first found in the 1960s in Kenya and Tanzania. These are currently the only places where it is mined.

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