Buy our collection of original antique and vintage necklaces. An extensive selection of vintage necklaces.


The selection of antique necklaces from is varied and unique. A vintage necklace or a large gemstone pendant makes a memorable engagement gift. If you shop for yourself, a retro gold chain is a perfect choice to compliment almost any outfit. We are always happy to supply additional images of all our beautiful pieces.


White gold vintage necklaces for women


The beautiful silver vintage necklaces in our collection. These beautiful antique jewelry are Dutch tested and although the vintage necklaces can have a very different origin, they are also unique and can be ordered in different prices. These antique necklaces are almost all of real silver and invested with precious stones, natural crystals or red coral.


In our collection of vintage jewelry you will of course also find a department that specializes in vintage jewelry. This decorative movement still has influences in the contemporary arts and certainly so many enthusiasts. Many used techniques have been applied to our vintage necklaces.


Vintage jewelry of fine quality


If you are not used to it, buying something beautiful from the vintage collection may feel uncomfortable. You really do not have to. All silver jewelry in our collection has been checked for characteristics and quality. Because this is often antique jewelry with a past we check the vintage necklaces extensively on wear, but often the necklaces are in excellent condition and a history is almost invisible to the naked eye.


Order your vintage necklace online


Have you found a special vintage necklace and would you like to have it? Do not wait too long to order! Of all our necklaces we have only a few copies in house, and that certainly applies to the vintage necklaces. You can pay in arrears, with your MasterCard, through banking or PayPal. View all payment options .