Blood coral

Blood coral


This beautiful dark orange gemstone, also called Corallium rubrum, is a coral that occurs in the Mediterranean Sea. Blood coral is best known for its intensely colored red or pink skeleton where jewelery is made. Besides a deep orange color, the coral can also turn white, pink or black.

The location of the red coral is deep water with a rocky bottom. These are places like submarine caves where it grows under ridges and around caves with strong currents. Coral found deep in the sea usually has a light color, such as light orange. While coral found in shallow water has a blood-red color. Blood coral is originally mat, but can be polished to make it shiny.

Blood coral has been a sought-after gemstone since ancient times because of its intense color and shine. It was widely used in ancient Egypt and was very popular in the Victorian era.

The price of red coral has increased enormously in value in recent years because the supply is getting smaller and smaller. Because of the excessive coral harvest many coral reefs were damaged, so that had measures. It is nowadays forbidden to collect red coral due to the enormous scarcity.

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