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Art Deco is a style that was created in 1925, a result of exhibitions at the World Exhibition in Paris. The term Art Deco is an abbreviated form of the name of the event: Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, an international exhibition of modern industrial and decorative arts.


Art Deco jewelry is stylish and fun. Jewelry, like other areas of fashion, became a realm in which women felt free to express their individuality. Styles became bolder, sharper and more masculine than in previous periods. The lace, filigree patterns of Art Deco jewelry and the soft pastel colors and curves of Art Level jewelry made way for brighter colors and straight lines.


Characteristic of Art Deco jewelry is the use of futuristic motifs and geometrical shapes, which reflect the self-confident and free-thinking spirit of the times. The towering Empire State Building and the cubist paintings by Pablo Picasso perfectly embodied the new design choices of the Art Deco era.


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During the Art Deco era, the improvements in cutting techniques, including the advent of the modern round brilliant style, made diamonds more dazzling and sparkling than ever before. Meanwhile, prosperity allowed more people to afford diamond jewelry and engagement rings. New casting techniques have further improved accessibility, as jewelers discovered more efficient ways to produce the most complicated detailed settings.


Because platinum became a popular material, jewelers started using white gold - an alloyed form of gold - that was more affordable than platinum or yellow gold, but with a shade almost identical to platinum.


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