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Vintage necklaces

In our webshop you will find a beautiful selection of vintage necklaces. In the past, these mostly gold or silver-colored jewels were designed. Such a vintage necklace was often decorated with colored glass, pearls and sparkling stones.

The most beautiful vintage necklaces

Beautiful jewelery inspired by designs that princesses, first ladies, film stars and celebrities used to wear buy from us for a small price. The vintage chains of are made where quality is guaranteed.

Are you a fan of vintage? Take a quick look at the offer, you will certainly feel like a child in the candy store! Can you not get enough of all that beauty? We from search the most beautiful vintage chains for you weekly. Keep an eye on the webshop and choose your favorite! There are long and short chains, but also special items such as collar chains and other products, for example bracelets, rings and watches!

For every woman there is the perfect necklace! If you order this on a working day before 17:00, the chain will be delivered to your home the next day! Do you have an important opportunity, but is your outfit not finished yet? Then here is the perfect solution for you!


Order vintage necklace

Do not be limited by the idea that a chain consists of a series of links large or small with a pendant on it, because then you have not yet looked at our vintage collection with jewelry.

The ladies from the previous century also wanted a perfume bottle around the neck. Because not every household was equipped with a shower and the ladies naturally wanted to smell pleasant, perfume was often used to mask other odors. So what's more convenient than hanging a perfume bottle on your necklace? And it is once again very elegant and refined to the bargain!


Order your vintage necklace online

Have you found a special vintage necklace and would you like to have it? Do not wait too long to order! Of all our chains we have only a few copies in house, and that certainly applies to the vintage chain. You can pay in arrears, with your MasterCard, through banking or PayPal. View all payment options.